• Stunning high-resolution Miniatures

    An extensive range for many scenarios. From the Cursed Empire gaming world to providing for your own RPG or even extending your Miniatures Collection, enter here to see what we have! (All miniatures supplied unpainted)

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  • Trogre in full battle cry!

    Dare you meet on a dark windy night? The feared Trogre, shown in its full colours! (All miniatures supplied unpainted)

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  • "Cursed Empire!" - Enter the world of Thargos, where many will try and few succeed!

    The immersive card game that takes you on a journey of discovery in the world that is Thargos. Choose your characters to battle in solo, two-player or multiplayer modes against all that is thrown against you, to gain renown and ultimate victory!

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If Gaming is what you do, from RPG to Dungeon Crawls, from superbly crafted Miniatures to demanding and immersive Card Games such as the Heroes of Thargos epic - you will find it all here.

STOP PRESS - "Heroes of Thargos", one of our great successes from Essen 2022, proudly brought to you by SBG Editions!